gypsum board

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gypsum board

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Plasterboard is made of the quality gypsum material and elegant surface paper. Besides being of fireproof sound insulation, heat preservation convenient for installation and cut. Plasterboard is light weight and much more beautiful appearance. It can be used for partition and ceiling, and reach the excellent effect of decoration.
Applicable scope:
- Widely used for ceiling system, partition system and veneer system in civil, commercial and industrial buildings.

Ordinary plasterboard
thickness: 9.5mm/12mm/12.5mm/15mm
plasterboard can be manufactured according to customer requirements in following size range: thickness: 6-25.4 mm; length: 1800-3000mm; width: 600-1220mm.


- Taking high-purity natural plaster as the raw material and advanced technology and equipment in German for production, the plasterboard bears leveling face, accurate size and assured quality.
- The imported high-quality covering paper has high strength and good adhesive property with plaster core, thus guaranteeing the strength of plasterboard and laying a firm foundation for applying plaster putty or direct decoration.
- Light weight and high strength, strong nail-holding force, good flatness, low water content, low expansion rate, good durability, favorable process ability and easy cutting.
- Wedge bevel edge offers easiness for joining and the surface of joint is smooth and not easy to crack.
- It can adjust indoor humidity to a certain extent and has passed green building material certification for its healthy and environmental property.
Factory and package gypsum board

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