China super green grass manufacturers

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China super green grass manufacturers

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As part of the cereal grass family, Oat grass (Avena sativa) is an excellent source of nutrients. It not only contains an abundance of amino acids, ones that are in ideal proportion for human consumption, it is also packed with critical vitamins, including B1, 2, 6, and 12. You’ll find more calcium than cow’s milk, more iron than spinach and more Vitamin C than in oranges. Besides, it is also a great source of chlorophyll, a substance that balances the pH of the body and helps detox organs.
Common Name:Wild Oat Herb
Botanical Name:Avena Fatua L
Latin Name:Avena Herbal
Pinyin Name:Yan Mai Miao
Plant Part Used:seedling
Quality Standard:EU Organic & NOP Organic Certified
Specification:Powder/Extract Powder
Functions:Enriching chlorophyll, a substance that balances the pH of the body and helps detox organs.
Farm Information:Harvested at the peak of its life cycle, when the new growth of the grass is just about 14 days old, Oat grass has been infused by the sun’s energy with some of the most powerful weapons for full body healing.

One of the most wonderful and beneficial substances found in Oat Grass is a special compound known as Superoxide Dismutase (SOD). acts as an antioxidant that helps the body to repair itself quickly. SOD has been known to slow the effects of aging and reduce inflammation in the body.

With an organic farm established in Heibei Province, the entire cultivation and management are strictly controlled based on Organic Standard, with no chemical fertilizer or pesticides and dedicatedly harvested and processed to respect plant’s self characteristic and make the nutritional value to be enough retained.China super green grass manufacturers

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