EVA Foil Used For Intelligent Glass Furniture

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EVA Foil Used For Intelligent Glass Furniture

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Oster film specializes in developing , manufacturing and selling EVA film for different applications . Our main products are extra clear EVA film for architectural building glass, color EVA film for decoration and low temperature EVA film for smart glass laminating . Besides, we are also open to support our customer’s ideas. Our strong R&D department is your sincerest partners to support your R&D new project.
Nowadays, we have three EVA film production lines . Orders will be ready within a week . We are fully responsible to our customers. Each rolls will be kept a small piece in our laboratory. Immediate action will be taken if customers give us some dissatisfied feedback.
Our factory is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong . We welcome all friends come and visit .EVA Foil Used For Intelligent Glass Furniture

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