Heat Resistant Glass Tea Pot China

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Heat Resistant Glass Tea Pot China

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Open fire Glass Tea Pot
The tea pot series can operate as an elegant serving system for pouring drinks whether they are hot(coffee, tea) or cold. The vacuum pump helps the stainless steel container to prevent spilling and adds to the insulation effeces.
We choose stainless steel for the production of these tea pot jugs because of its unparalleled durability along with its great appearance.
1. Product Introduction of the Tea Pot
The well-designed BonJour Tea Glass Teapot with Shut-Off Infuser is an elegant way to brew and serve teas wherever and whenever you want to relax. The beautiful hand-blown teapot is crafted from shatter-resistant borosilicate glass and features a gleaming stainless steel lid, knob and infuser basket. Simply place loose leaf tea into the infuser, set into the carafe, and pour in hot water. Holes in the basket allow teas to come into ample contact with water; an ingenious plunger then seals wet leaves away to stop brewing. Handwashing the teapot is recommended.
2. Product Introduction of the Tea Pot
Model NO.: WY-G336
Type:Tea Pot
Style:Glass Tea Pots
Processlng Material: Tea
Material:Glass + Stainless Steel
Package:One PC/Bag/White Box
Main Keyword:Tea Pot
Specification: 600ml;800ml;1200ml
Capacity:1~10 Cups
Usage:Home Use,Commercial
HS Code:7013490000
3. Product Feature And Application of the Tea Pot
1,Promotional Glass and stainless steel Tea Pot With Strainer
2,with 40ozcapacity
3,Made from double wall Stainless Steel,
4,Have a non-leaking the press button lid,
5,outside are available,
6,LOGO Customize available,
7,Nontoxic, Eco-friendly,
8,Eco-friendly 100% BPA free, 100% recyclable and reusable,
9,Food grade PP lid with silcone ring, non-toxin 100% leak-proof material.
10,Strongly designed capacity, can develop the new mold within short time as customer requested.
4. Production Details of the Tea Pot
5. Introduction of factory production and packaging
6. The most common forming method in glassware manufacture can be divided into two kinds:
Artificial blowing and machine blowing. Artificial blowing is commonly known as "blowing bubbles". The 5th century, the techniques from central Asia to China, to stimulate and promote the development of China's glass manufacturing process, from then on, China began to use blowing method to make hollow glass, glass containers. The method is to use a copper or iron pipe at one end to dip the glass molten liquid, and then blow on the other end of the blow tube to make the molten liquid form the desired shape, and then cut off with scissors. In the blowing process, technical personnel's hand to keep rotary drum, do so on the one hand is to make glass fluid loss, on the other hand is formed using the viscous flow of glass to the shape of the you need. In the meantime, it is necessary to coordinate and cooperate, so that the product can be perfected, so it is quite difficult. The size, thickness and shape of the glassware are controlled and controlled by the amount of blowing, the degree of speed and the rotation speed of the blowing drum.
Has mold blowing:
Relatively no mold blowing, with copper or iron made hollow model first, then dip in with blowing tube glass liquid, put it in a mould blowing, until the liquid and full model in the lining, wait for after cooling, to die. It can make the complex parts such as square, polygon and other special shaped objects, such as ears, mouth, feet and so on. Model blowing greatly enriches the shape and artistry of the utensil.Heat Resistant Glass Tea Pot China

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