discount shopwindow and store door

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discount shopwindow and store door

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1.Guangzhou Sky Tiger Tempered Glass Co.,Ltd is a modern professional enterprise with expertise in premium quality glass processing when it’s establish in Mar.12th,2008.Because of the advantage ocean,land and air shipping,the developing of company is faster day after day.During in 10 years,the manufacturing techniues becomes much higher in this line.A large-scale of national glass-processing equipment is used to produce high quality.The company always follow the principle of CUSTOMER FIRST , QUALITY BEST and obeys to personal training,advanced equipment,highly quality and honstely serve for all the modern architect and relativly engineering glass product.
2.Guangzhou Sky Tiger Tempered Glass Co.,ltd. is established in 2008,which it is the registered capital RMB100,000,000 and owned 32,000 square meter floor area Additionaly,there are totally 220 employees contribute to Sky Tiger Glass.As known by customer, Sky Tiger Tempered Glass is the biggest processing glass factory,and it has 4 modern productiong line,which is Tempereding ,Laminating,Insulating and Polishing line.
3.the company specialize in Tempered Glass,Laminated Glass,Insulated Glass,Bullet-proof Glass,Electronic Glass ,Art Glass,Etc.
4.ALL the products is used for Curtain Wall,Architect,Furniture,Window System,Balustrade,Elevator,Metro,TV,Electronic Scale,Etc.
5.All the products are authorized by ISO9000,BS6206:1981,CE(EN 12150-1:2000),US(SGCC),
AS(NZS 2208:1996)
6.The company has 4 cutting machine,12 edge polishing machine,3 tempered machine,1 silk-printed machine,2 insulated production line,1 laminated production line,l oil-printed production line,1 sand-blasted production line and 1 heat-soaked machine.
7.Most of products is popular in Europe,America,South East,Africa,Especially in Africa,the sales of annual is around USD800,000
8.As we know,After-Sale Service is very important for the company developing,so does Sky Tiger Glass,all the products can be replaced and returned after receiving the goods in 20 days.Anyway,the installtion instructions and technical support is given anytime if shopwindow and store door

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