China steel plug factory

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China steel plug factory

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Nipple is a common industrial pipe connection accessories.Common are threaded nipple, divided into double wire male threaded,single wire male threaded, flat head male threaded. etc
Fitting: Swage Nipples
Swage nipples are often used in small diameter pipe systems, and are similar to buttweld reducers. They are concentric and eccentric available, with various ends. The most common types are:
PBE = Plain Both Ends
BBE = Beveled Both Ends
TBE = Treaded Both Ends
Swage Nipples
Size range NPS 1/8 - NPS 8. Manufactured from A106 Grade B seamless pipe or cold drawn bar which is heat treated in accordance with ASTM A234. Choice of raw material dependant upon size and reduction. Available wall thickness: standard (STD), extra strong (XS), schedule 160, or double extra strong (XXS).China steel plug factory

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